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Good News - WhiteHat provides Internet in Braila, RO. [click here to view]
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What we do

Wireless Internet Service Provider
Domain Name Registrant
Reseller: WHITEHAT
Reseller: abuse at whitehats dot net
Reseller: ip at whitehats dot net
Reseller: People first, security always.
Reseller: http://domain.whitehats.net
Reseller: domain at whitehats dot net
Technical proficiency
The WhiteHat team has a solid background in computer networking, security, hardware, and software. Most of us have been online for over 10 years. We can assist you with almost anything - keeping your servers secure, or keeping your high-traffic websites up and running smoothly. To make this possible, we run our own fully multi-homed backbone network, with the capacity needed both to provide excellent connectivity to customers with bandwidth utilization ranging from a few Mbps to several hundred.
Real ethical hackers
A successful hack is conducted by real hackers, not by automated tools, let us hack you before they do.
Penetration test:
We will perform penetration testing in order to reveal how far an attacker can go if he puts his mind to it. The best way to do this is our way - by simulating a real-world attack.
Vulnerability assesment:
We will perform managed vulnerability assessments and discover all existing vulnerabilities. Once we validate them manually, we make sure to eliminate all false positives.
Security audit:
We will perform IT Security Audits and inform you of the loopholes in your system and then give you personalized instructions on how to fix all vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
Cyber intelligence:
We will provide a cyber intelligence platform you can use to monitor underground activity regarding your systems and you will receive instant alerts with newly added intelligence.
Cyber security training:
We will assist your company's board of managers in the process of expanding their knowledge, by organizing short and to-the-point cyber security trainings and courses.

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